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Founded in 1995, Copperopolis Area Business Association, or CABA, is a nonprofit that exists to benefit the businesses of Copperopolis, CA.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down operations, it has given CABA adequate time to restructure its board of directors and recruit new members. There are many ways, both new and old, that CABA benefits its members.


It is CABA’s goal to be a networking platform for local Copperopolis businesses as well as connecting businesses with potential customers and clientele.  If you are a business in Copperopolis and have not joined yet click the button to register




Each member receives a dedicated web page on the CABA website and receives publicity through CABA’s online newsletter. We offer ribbon cuttings as well as advertising through print and direct mail.

Support Group


CABA hosts educational and informational forums to help local businesses grow and get the best out of opportunities in today's world as well as in our community. 

Organizing the Calendar


CABA hosts networking mixers to help members and the public get -to-know other local business owners as well as opportunities to refer your clients to other services available in Copperopolis. 

Mike Lemke


Marena Mikkelson


Marena Mikkelson originally hails from Oregon Wine Country and attended the University of Oregon school of Journalism. She has worked in advertising and PR for 10 years, a lot of which was in the wine, tourism, and agriculture industries. After discovering a love for user-interface and layout design while working in advertising, she did two more years of school in Portland for graphic and web design, and has helped design and run marketing campaigns for many brands since. Marena now lives in Copperopolis on a small farm, works in Real Estate, and helps create brands both near and far.

Linn Pillsbury


Linn Pillsbury retired in 2020 from the dual position of Marketing and Promotions and Weddings and Events Coordinator. Her career also includes positions in finance, information technology, and management as well as owning a restaurant and bar in the Bay Area for 11 years. She understands the challenges and the hard work that it takes to run a successful business. Her goal is to promote all Copperopolis area businesses, including home businesses, to help build a robust and thriving local economy.

Elly Bermudez


Rich Varrasso

Executive Director

Rich Varrasso is long-time media and events specialist in the rock-n-roll scene in San Francisco. He has been a producer, promoter, technician, marketeer, tour guide, and consultant in all aspects of the business. After becoming a real estate appraiser in the 90s, he was able to balance family/expenses and music on the weekends. Rich has since owned the Sonora Grill Restaurant, a record company in Nashville, and an appraisal office. In 2012 he paired down his operations and moved to Copperopolis. He’s still consulting, managing properties, cooking, and playing a few gigs here and there.

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